05 June 2004

Take it either way ...

I want to know whether we Friends can still "believe" or are functional atheists, to borrow Parker Palmer's phrase. But the name of this site also invites comments on the fantastic things happening all around us, whether creative or destructive.

I intend to publish new posts on Thursdays, whenever possible. Some or all of the material on my "Evangelism and the Friends Testimonies" forum site may migrate here sometime between now and the time my next bill to forum host Network 54 is due.

UPDATE:  The "Evangelism and the Friends Testimonies" forum has been duplicated at this Google Groups address. Last I checked, the Network 54 site is still accessible.


Martin Kelley said...

Hi Johan,
Congratulations and welcome to the blogging world. The idea of Fifth Day commentaries sounds like a great discipline, you know I'll be visiting!
Your friend,

Johan Maurer said...

Actually, the material on the "Evangelism and the Friends Testimonies" site has already been copied to a google forum site. For now, it still also remains on its original Network 54 site.