29 November 2005

Prayer bulletin

Dear friends, if you've been following both this weblog and the daily news, you can probably guess what I'm asking prayer for. Two members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams' ongoing presence in Iraq, and two CPT delegates in Iraq, have been kidnapped.

The demons unleashed by violence and deceit have struck our own peace workers as they diligently carried out a program of observation, accompaniment, and thoughtful advocacy of human rights in the name of the Prince of Peace. We shouldn't be surprised that our friends are not exempt from the dangers of daily living in Iraq, aside from the special hazards of even modest public visibility in the service of their ministry. But the closeness of the blow makes me more aware of the need to pray without ceasing.

I pray for their safety and peace of mind, and for the rest of the CPT team; for the kidnappers; I pray that blessings we can't anticipate will be granted to all affected by this situation; and that this episode in the nonviolent Lamb's War will open the eyes of everyone who is following news of the kidnappings—everyone who has been deceived by the Powers and the myth of redemptive violence.

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