16 June 2011

Onward to Mongolia

We are not carrying video equipment on our rail journey from Moscow to Ulan Batar, so I was glad to see this well-made video by a Danish traveler. The Danish commentary sounds very nice to my Norwegian ears, but if you don't know the Scandinavian languages, there are elegant English subtitles.

On Saturday we will get off the train at Sukhe Batar, just across the border with Russia, and stay there for a few days. Then we will take another overnight train to Ulan Batar, but unfortunately we have to go from there to the USA by airplane. *sigh*

The Trans-Mongolian Railway from Inuk Jørgensen on Vimeo.


Carol Holmes said...

Thanks for the video, Johan! I want to go!

What kind of settlements does the taiga have? Is it pure wilderness or do people make livelihoods there?

How is the dining-car food on the Russian train?

How long are the days right now? I had no idea Mongolia was so sunny!

Are you flying home on Air Mongolia?

So many questions . . .

Johan said...

Hi Carol! On a skinny connection, will try to write more when I get to the USA in a week. The train was Chinese, but the dining car was Russian; the food was good. Where we are now reminds Judy of desert, especially in the evenings. We're flying to North America on Air Canada.... Lots of photos, later, from the train route--but saw small settlements and big cities all along the route. Not as clear about the realities further from the train line itself.