02 March 2014

To all Friends, a statement on Ukraine

A statement from Moscow Friends Meeting to all Quakers everywhere:

To all Friends:

Moscow Monthly Meeting of Friends asks you, dear Friends, to pray and work with us for peace in Ukraine. We propose the following principles to guide our prayers and our advocacy:
  1. For government based on compassion instead of coercion, free from international interference.
  2. For reconciliation among all the people of Ukraine regardless of ethnicity.
  3. For all the different ethnic groups of Ukraine to be able to express their hopes and expectations freely.
  4. For all controversies to be resolved without violence.
Moscow Friends will continue to follow the situation closely and prayerfully. Please join us.

Johan Maurer and Misha Roshchin
Moscow Monthly Meeting of Friends


Linda said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful statement of care. I will join in holding all concerned in the Light.

David H. Finke said...

You, Dear Friends, are close to our hearts. This is a time of agony and anxiety and uncertainty. Some of us may have thought the Cold War was over, but these complex hostilities are never far from us. All the more reason for people of Peace and Compassion, followers of the Master from Nazareth, to be present and strong and centered, setting an example for a world that seems to have gone mad.

Arkvuras said...

Dear Friends, I am with you in my heart, in my thoughts and in my prayers!

Paulette Meier said...

Thank you for sending out to Friends your concerns and request for prayers. An excerpt from Margaret Fell's "Letter to the King on Persecution" comes to my mind: "We are a people, that follow after those things that make for peace, love and unity. It is our desire that other's feet may walk in the same. We do deny and bear our testimony against all strife and wars and contention." With you here in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Spirit of Love….,
Paulette Meier, Community Friends Meeting

Kristin Lord said...

Thank you, Friends. Большое вам спасибо. I will join in holding all of you in the Light for this wise and perceptive minute.

LifeSinger said...

Dear Moscow Friends,
I've just seen your compassionate post via Canadian Yearly Meeting. I was following the news, about Kiev and the Ukraine, and this morning we heard some disturbing news. I am holding those in the Ukraine in my thoughts as the situation comes to some kind of resolve soon. I hold dear the children and Elders of those communities at risk for military violence.
Peace Be Ours,
Janet Lehde
Alert Bay, BC, Canada

Ron Mock said...

Thank you, Johan and the other Friends there. We are praying with you here in Oregon.

Merry Stanford said...

Joining with you in Lansing, Michigan and Richmond, Indiana. May peace and love tender the hearts of all who are affected.

Freedom said...

Hi, Holding your Meeting and Ukraine and Russia in the Light.
Free in Atlanta, Georgia

Johan Maurer said...

Hello, Free! Good to hear from you again. Please give our greetings to Atlanta Friends.