12 June 2014

Can you believe it's been ten years?

Our neighborhood at 9:45 p.m. a couple of nights ago. We only left Russia a few days ago, and
already I'm feeling severe homesickness! But we're grateful for the hospitality of Hungarian
Quakers; and no doubt our cats are grateful for our wonderful housesitter Liudmila.

Hello from somewhere between Budapest and Tolna, Hungary. You probably haven't been keeping track, but last week's post was written on the 10th anniversary of this blog. There are many more ways of publishing and exchanging ideas now than there were ten years ago, so I'm wondering whether it's time for me to slow down or even retire this particular forum. Please help me decide:
(Note: some readers say that this form doesn't always work well on mobile devices.)

Thank you for helping me discern what comes next for this blog.

Here is a letter (PDF) from Friends World Committee for Consultation, expressing the feelings of many of us concerning the passing of Dilawar Chetsingh.

Wess Daniels, "In the Deep End With Grief: Thoughts On Pastoral Care To Those Hurting Most."

Francis invites Catholic charismatics to the Vatican for their 50th anniversary celebrations in 2017. I find something appealing in the concept of "spiritual ecumenism." I wonder how different it is from the "functional ecumenism" that I've advocated during my time serving in Quaker organizations.

"The imperfect God of classical Calvinism."

Sean Guillory provides "A Voice from Slavyansk." "The home guard (separatists) are our people, and the National Guardsmen are our people. It's a civil war, and it is awful."

Judy and I have on our traveling shoes (though not necessarily THOSE shoes). I never get tired of Ruthie Foster's voice. Neither do her fellow musicians, apparently! The room fairly crackles....

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