02 April 2015

Arlington, Oregon

This is how far we got on our way to Spokane today. We pulled into the gas station, coughing, sneezing, and wheezing, and saw a motel shimmering in the distance. We spontaneously decided to see whether the motel was habitable and had spare beds. Now we are doing our best to achieve a horizontal orientation in preparation for tomorrow's driving, and blogging is hard to do while sleeping.

So this week I will use my few remaining active neurons to make some recommendations:

First, before I slip away entirely, I'll spend some time keeping watch with Nancy Thomas. The dear friend she mentions in her post, Dwaine Williams, is the one whose memorial meeting we're on our way to Spokane to attend. And a related post from Nancy ... "Lord help us trace our way."

Second, Micah Bales poses an important query for Friends, "Are Quakers Capable of Planting Churches?" I appreciate the long and interesting series of comments that follow the post, and hope you will join in.

In sorrow and Easter hope....

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