17 July 2014


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I think it was about fourteen minutes between the first instant I caught the horrifying news about Malaysian Airlines losing their plane with all its passengers and crew over eastern Ukraine and the first Internet-borne hints of the spin campaigns (pro-Kiev and pro-Moscow, both!) to exploit the tragedy for political advantage. May everyone involved in that despicable effort come to their senses and grieve over this catastrophe. Yes to genuine fact-finding and assessing of accountability. But that can't be what is going on fourteen minutes after the first bulletin.

In the meantime, the death toll in Gaza is approaching a similar level, and around 3/4 of those who've died are civilians. Morally bankrupt policies and politicians somehow find this acceptable. Israel continues to use lethal military force against a population held within their magical zone of Gaza where they acknowledge neither an obligation to feed and protect (as in an occupation) nor an obligation to engage in diplomacy (as in dealing with another state). How can the world stand by and watch the Israeli government use absurdly disproportionate military force and extrajudicial killing to confront terrorists? And how can the Israeli public allow their politicians to sink their nation's reputation further and further in the eyes of the world?

At the same time, who will confront those Palestinian idiots*, the ones who consider bluster and crude terrorism an acceptable way to campaign for justice? The Israelis make at least some effort to avoid civilian casualties and are actually trying to target terrorists (with tragically varying degrees of success), but, admit it: the criminals on the Palestinian side seem to have no idea of where their pathetic missiles will fall.

So that's the way things seem to be on this Thursday, August 17: missiles just can't seem to avoid the innocent, and the guilty (on all sides) try to cover up with words.

Tears and prayer, frustration and disgust.

* That is, human beings made in God's image making idiotic decisions that endanger innocent people.


Mindful Searcher said...

Life must be impossible for those thousands of Paletinians crammed into this narrow strip of land. As you say, how can the world stand by and let this horrible situation continue? Terrorists prey on those who have few or no options like the Palestinians of Gaza. May we all try to imagine ourselves in the shoes of these Palestinians and the Israelis who have lost loved ones whose only "crime" was to be Jewish.

Johan Maurer said...

Yes, I think of the Israeli kids and their families who have fifteen seconds' warning to get into safe places.

And "congratulations" to the Hamas missile operators who actually succeeded in killing someone...what a victory to add an innocent victim, a grieving family, a bitter community, to the awful toll already claimed by one or another advocate of righteous cruelty.

Unknown said...

It is a sad day and more than once today I have felt like we have actually moved closer if not already in WWIII as the numbers of terrorists only increases as does the number of countries that they are killing and kidnapping in.
Perhaps we have been fooling ourselves as I cannot help but think with the number of countries being effected these days by terrorists on a regular basis means we are in WWIII against the terrorists and I do not mean just my country when I say us, no I mean the world!!!!

Unknown said...

It's just a sad state of affairs with no end in sight!