26 October 2023

"Quaker" or "Friend"? An informal survey

This is one of those times when I'm sorely tempted to explain my motives behind posting a survey, but doing so would almost certainly influence some of the responses. So I'm holding my tongue and hoping that you'll dive into the survey. It's a lot shorter than most of my surveys....

Eagerly awaiting your input!

(You can also help by spreading word about this survey. Here's the direct link: blog.canyoubelieve.me/p/survey.html.)

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Ryan Grim on Gaza and the empathy gap. (Thanks to David Finke for the link.)

Quoting Sarah Aziza: “But what about Hamas?” I grew up with this question whipped at my face every time I declared my people’s right to survive. “What about Hamas?” It didn’t matter if I’d just asked for clean water or the right to return to our stolen land. “What about Hamas?” they’d ask, holding my humanity hostage. Their smug smiles at this question, which they saw as a rhetorical coup.

Charlotte Higgins: A literary festival in Lviv—and the difference a year makes.

Kristin Du Mez (author of Jesus and John Wayne) on why she is still a Christian. ("Ask a Reformed girl, get a Reformed answer.")

Author Rebecca Renner on the Florida Everglades and the appeal of alligators. (Meet Jeff Babauta, hunter of alligator poachers.)

Andrew Franklin in the Bulletin of the Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends: The most important challenge.

A people who bear fruit: Micah Bales on Matthew 21:33-46, the parable of the tenants.

How would we be different from the wicked tenants, the devourers and thieves and murderers–the ones who occupy lofty posts, guard the fences, and sit on the watchtower to maintain their position? What does it look like to be a humble, receptive people, who welcomes the servants of God when they come to us with the Master’s message?

Konstantin Kolesnichenko: Blues from Dnipro, Ukraine. "I'm Ready."

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